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Kürten was a Swedish experimental rock band that existed from 1991 to 2003. Kürten was formed in Växjö in 1991 as a theatrical punk band, but was moving forward quickly in an undefined musical borderland between psychedelia, black rock, sound collage and performance art - mostly with lyrics in Swedish. From 1997 Lund became the base for a continuing theatrical exploration. In 2000, a collaboration with Russian singer-songwriter Vassily K under the name of Vassily & the kürtens, has started, which led to two tours in Russia and a number of collaborative albums released on different Russian independent labels. 2003 brought Kürtens last gig at the Malmö Festival, and the group was put on hold. The members are now active in a number of music projects such as Cosmasia Kraft, Deafening Day, Halster, Ved, Johnny's band, among others.

Members: Martin Hjorth, Morgan Holm, Adam Persson, Johan Nyberg, David Olausson, Vassily K., Kristoffer Sundin, Björn Eriksson


Saint Petersburg, Russia
Mihail "Anticvar" Antipov - a poet and musician. The latest reincarnation occurred in Balashikha.
And then picked up a stick, put the guitar in the trunk and the rainbow came out of the door ...
Currently living in St. Petersburg.



Отава ё

Saint Petersburg, Russia
Санкт-Петербургская фолк группа


Great mixture of Belarusian arcaic songs of ancient pagan rituals and electronic music performed in contemporary vocal manner. Unusual and beautiful music, magic sound, deep athmosphere.

Rusia, Nadzeja Chuhunova - vocals.

Alexis Scorpio - producer, sound producer, sound designer, composer, arrangment.

Nick Cherny - composer,producer, programming, keyboards.

Alexey Budzko - bass, double bass.

Pavel Gorbach - drum set.

visual artists:

Siarhej Navicki

Artem Atrashevsky

Guests musicians invited to record sessions:

Albin Brun (Switzerland) - soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone. http://www.albinbrun.ch/

Andrey Apanovich - didgeridoo.

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